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    Morning I was wondering if anyone could answer a question that my FEO could not?

    10 days ago I submitted a variation request to my local force asking for 2 rifles and 2 moderators(1 FAC air rifle and 1 .222) be removed and a .223 rifle and moderator added. My FEO stated that it should be dealt with as a one to one variation but to send a cheque in case and if no payment was required then this would be returned. I did all this and was told it would be processed in a matter of a few days.

    on making an enquiry into the progress of my application this morning I was told that I actually asked for an increase in weapons so they would need to process my application accordingly!

    Have I by asking for a .223 to be added technically asked for an increase?

    Like I said they are add adamant that it's an increase but could not explain in English why that is!

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Let me get this right you submitted a variation asking for two rifles and two sound moderators to be removed from your certificate (total of 4 items). You also asked that a .223 rifle and sound moderator (total of two items). be added on a 1-for-1 basis.

    Why remove four and only replace with two?
    You do not pay for one for one variations, your FEO should be well aware of that so why the suggestion of the cheque.

    I think that there has been some confusion here or a break down in communication. It's clearly not an increase in the number of firearms in fact you have asked for a reduction in the number of firearms, and if you request at a later date to increase that number again you will end up paying a variation fee.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Like I said I did what my FEO suggested then I get the reply I did. I am embarrassed to say I work for the same organisation, when I have ever phoned the dept concerned I always get 2 different answers for the same question!

    Hopeless is the word that springs to mind......!!!!!!!

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    as above, you shouldn't be paying for 1 for 1 variations, and you most certainly qualify for that, personally, I would have not had both of them removed from my license, as also mentioned, should you wish to change for another calibre later on, you would have another free variation available to you rather than paying the 21 OR whatever they are charging these days. You could simply declare that you have sold the fac air rifle for example, but maintain a slot on your ticket for a potential future purchase.
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    Phone calls and conversations used to work but these days it's as if it never happened when you go that way.
    Emails can be a pain but they can also be useful, whoever writes one needs to justify what they write and be accountable for it.

    I suggest you email them with the straightforward arithmetical figures, i.e. you are having 4 items taken off and two added, resulting in a net Reduction of two items and ask them to email you back.
    See how they deal with that.
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    As Fraser says forget telephone calls put every thing in writing even if it is only an email (with a request for receipt of course).

    Whenever I submit an application for variation I always attach a letter explaining clearly step by step what I am applying for just for ease of clarification and to save any confusion whatsoever. At times my requests resemble something more like an order than a request but perhaps that is just because the way that I am used to working.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    when I applied for a change of use on my .22lr and .308, from just target to target and quarry. The FLO arrived and said to me "so you want to increase your holding", even thou I had sent in a letter explaining what I wanted to do. Paperwork is not infallible either.

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    Nothing is infallible.
    Sometimes it is a case of where there is no will there is no way.
    Putting something in plain English using incontrovertable arithmetic is probably the best way to advance a case like this.
    A document can be read and re-read at any time by any person, including someone senior to the addressee.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Here is the latest update from the licensing department after 6 phone calls, 3 emails and 3 hours of my life!
    Guess what you were right it should of been done as a one to one variation and there was not need to have the other weapons removed!

    Apparently the FEO miss interpreted the guidance notes!!,

    So now they are requesting a refund of the fee paid by myself and then the variation will be processed!
    Taking into consideration I work for the same outfit and was able to contact them via internal means then I feel that should it of been a member of the general public trying to get it sorted then it might of been slightly more time consuming and frustrating!!

    So a bad day turns good, just got to get my chores done before the other half gets home!! She will not except that I've been messing around and wasting time sorting out such trivial matters!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushy View Post
    She will not except that I've been messing around and wasting time sorting out such trivial matters!

    It's not a trivial matter, at least I don't think so, but not everyone prioritises things in the same way. I mentioned the other day that after my chores were done and the baby asleep, I'd like to finally start reloading some cartridges. Mrs PM answered that she'd completely failed in her mind to associate the boxes full of ironmongery with a hobby. To her, they're just another chore waiting to be dealt with as they need removing from sight...

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