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Thread: bucks on camera.

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    bucks on camera.

    some have gone some have not.

    Still on the hoof.



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    Off course I've 1,000's of other images from this year running 16 cameras but these are some nice pictures.
    Some you will tell is the same buck from velvet to summer coats.

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    nice pictures

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    Excellent Pictures love seeing them on the hoof.
    Although I am a Very keen stalker i am not so keen on seeing what is regarded as common practice of hanging vermin on fences for all to see, if i come across this in my area I cut them down.
    Also on our site I see many pictures of animals we all know have been dispatched Humanely,but as this is an open site, some others viewing the pictures might not be of the same opinion.

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    Some lovely animals there and a good demonstration of the information that can be gained through the use of trail cameras. Something I want to put on my ground.

    P.s. Good shot, reload

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