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Thread: Late Cover Crop thistles

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    Late Cover Crop thistles

    Hi, Can I have some advice about thistles on a small strip of cover crop ( 80yds x 18yds).

    A new bit of cover crop planted this spring has failed, there are lots of thistles. I dont want to spray them off as I want to resow a late cover crop ASAP.

    Do I need to pull them out by hand ?
    Can I cut / strim the tops off ?
    Or can I just leave them and hand sow between them?

    All jobs can only be done by hand as I have no access to tractors at the moment.

    Many thanks for any help / advice.

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    Round up is enert as soon as it hits the soil so won't harm what ever you decide to sow in after !
    Regards N

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    I had the same trouble last season on a new gamecrop. Used a weed wiper that attatches to the back of the quad, kills all the thistles and nettles but doesn't harm the gamecrop.
    Ask your local farmers if they have access to one if not you can hire them for a day.


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    Good advice from Norma. Get them sprayed with roundup and then within a couple of days you can put what you want in.
    The weeds will be dying as the game cover starts to grow.


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    Just as a point to note, some thistle types are a good indicator of poor soil conditions, which may be the reason for a bad cover crop.

    The old rhyme is, 'Cut thistles in May, they'll grow in a day/Cut them in June, that is too soon/Cut them in July, then they will die.

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    The old rhyme is, 'Cut thistles in May, they'll grow in a day/Cut them in June, that is too soon/Cut them in July, then they will die.

    Another one......" One year seeding, 10 years weeding....." Get them gone, round up, as said before will be fine, or better still weed wipe, but not many folk have them.
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    If I was you I think I'd leave the thistles well alone, as in their own right they can hold a few birds.
    At this late stage, see if you can get hold of some white mustard and broadcast it by hand. Really I think you are too late for any other cover. With all this showery weather it will romp away, it will get killed off by a good frost but hopefully combined with the thistles it will serve a purpose.
    Time is of the essence though.
    PS mustard is cheap as chips too.

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    Agree with the mustard.
    Used to spread it directly onto stubbles straight after the straw had gone and it made a more ta adequate game strip for shooting out of

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    Agree with all said. Speak to David bright seeds we get our game cover from them and they are very helpful. I'd say mustard or Utopia possibly a little late for utopia but they will advise if you can it provides awesome cover very quickly.

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