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Thread: Johannesburg Firearms.

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    Johannesburg Firearms.

    Guys, just a heads up that I had a rather unpleasant hour last week when I arrived here in Joburg. Went into the Firearms Office at the airport to wait for the rifles to arrive and the chap behind the desk immediately asked for our proof of export certificate. First thing he asked for! Now, I informed him that as far as I knew it was not required and he merely pointed to a notice on the wall which listed the documents required. Yes, proof of export was on that, but as far as I knew it was only for American visitors. He had examples waiting to show me that other hunters had these documents when they arrived. This in itself was peculiar in my view. Anyway, after threatening to confiscate my rifles, telling me to speak with his boss etc, the documents were passed along the line and my permit was issued but it may be something we have to address in future.
    Make of this what you will, I'm only passing on my experience.

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    You should have informed him that your UK FAC is your proof of export (as you can't get it out of the country without it).

    The guys that work that office are drawn from the Jo'burg police on a 14 day posting. They don't have anything to do other than check your paperwork. If it's their first time on the detail then they don't think anything other than what they were briefed on.


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    Thank you Stan - I did that very thing at some length. I'm only posting this to save the guys some hassle when they get there. I'll do it in future for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goathunter1 View Post
    Thank you Stan - I did that very thing at some length. I'm only posting this to save the guys some hassle when they get there. I'll do it in future for sure.
    For 1st Timers the process can seem a shambles.

    All they actually do is check that you have completed the SAPS 520 form correctly and that you have the documentation required. They don't ask me for originals anymore. Once they start inputting into their Commodore 64 PC and see that you are a regular they then scrawl out in Biro your permit.

    This time there were Danes in the office for an hour by the time I turned up (according to my PH). My rifles were already there. My usual routine;

    " Loudly declare that it's good to be back, those are my rifles, here are all the photocopies you need. Constable watches me sign SAPS 520 and I think tell them that I'll show my rifle serial numbers"

    At this point the Danes are being called up to get their permits. As soon as the last Dane has signed for his my name was called. I pick up my permit and am out of the door before the last two Danes. Look on their face was priceless.

    My golden rule is act like an Afrikaner, be loud and give the impression that you might be trouble. Once they see you are already in the system and savvy with the process they want to get rid of you quickly

    If there's a big queue then get some bottled water before you stride into the office and put on top of the permanently dry water cooler. Bellow " Good to be back, who wants this paperwork" and they all rush to assist you


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