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Thread: Training body membership

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    Training body membership

    I need to finally get my level two done but whilst looking for training providers ie basc / bds they ask for your membership number as I'm neither a member of either is it essential to be as it adds undue expense

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    Hi Swatty, that is something I have never thought of, why don't you ring them and get the answer from the horses mouth I'm sure there are a few people that would also like to know.
    Mind you, if you are a shooter, particularly a stalker, it would be wise to join one or the other just for the insurance alone.
    I am no longer a member of BDS (after 30+ years) but am a staunch supporter of BASC.

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    You could always go with one of the other assessment centres - Newton Rigg looks local to you. Take a look on DMQ's website under DSC2 assessment.
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    Don't worry I'm fully insured etc I've been a sacs member for a while now and before that the NGO I'll check out Newton Rigg etc and dmq my level one was a basc cert but I suppose that was slightly different

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    Did mine through North Highland College and received exemplary service

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    Don't think you need to be a member. I registered for level 1 through BASC. I wasn't a member. All I then had to do was use my Hunter number on the registration for level 2. Never have been a member of BASC but they still provide the training. Hope that helps.

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    Try barony,very good and quick portfolio assessment.

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    You do not need to be a member of BASC to do your DSC2 with them.

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    I spoke to basc and they said I needed to be a basc member but bds was fine no mber ship required

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    Quote Originally Posted by swatty View Post
    I spoke to basc and they said I needed to be a basc member but bds was fine no mber ship required
    Done my L2 last year with BASC and I was not a member.

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