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Thread: Old Ribbed Style Garden Hose Pipe

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    Question Old Ribbed Style Garden Hose Pipe

    Totally random off topic thread here but does anyone have or know where I can find some old style garden hose?

    I'm restoring a 1950's tractor mounted winch and this hose was used on the lever handles. It's the lengthways ribbed type.

    like this...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I remember my grandad used to have a load of this 20 years ago but obviously at the time it was just crappy old hose which kinked/leaked when I had to water the flowers and not a vital part of a restoration project



    Edited to add: just re-reading the title... probably left myself open for ribbed condom gags
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    Alright alex.

    Pretty sure, almost positive i've got some lying about somewhere, how much are u wanting? Think it's a lighter colour of green thou if that makes any difference.

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    Thanks Stu, that would be great!

    A foot would be plenty. Let me know if you find it and I can send you a stamped/addressed jiffy bag!

    all the best


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    I can cut a bit off our hose if Countryboy can't find it. There are two styles on our reel I think, one has fine ribs like your photo and the other is coarser ribbed with half the number-ish. Certainly one of them has faded to a paler green though it might just be surface "bloom"

    I wonder what that garden hose replaced? It would not have been a bicycle type grip with finger indents they would have got in the way of the lever. Maybe just plain black rubber/plastic tube? You could maybe get something like black cable heat shrink tube to replicate to the appearance of those shiny black lever covers?


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    Thanks Alan,

    I think the hose was (or something very similar) the original factory fitment! In post war austerity I don't think they had moulded grips!

    The picture I posted is actually an almost identical winch (same manufacturer, Hesford. The one I need the hose for is a Ferguson badged Hesford but is missing the grips entirely.

    Here's a diagram from the original instruction booklet which shows the ribs so hopefully I'm on the right track!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Long story short, I bought the Hesford to poach for parts for the Ferguson, but it turned out to be in such great nick I didn't have the heart to do it, so now I'm doing up both!

    It becomes addictive after a while... Someone has tried to pass the Hesford off as a Ferguson at some point by painting it grey.... It has been yellow, grey then JCB gold/yellow in its lifetime... I took the brass machine plate off to see what the original colour was underneath. Sad I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Long story short, …snip...I didn't have the heart to do it, so now I'm doing up both!

    …snip...It becomes addictive after a while

    …snip...Sad I know.

    Got to be done!

    Herewith hose reel image, the paler fine rib may green up with a bit of Scotchbrite. You can see the original colour (just) in the end. The bloom in the grooves does scrape away towards the darker green colour.

    Attachment 45780

    Do you fancy doing my Drum Mower and Hay Bob after?


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    Thanks Alan, that pipe would probably do the job!

    Funnily enough I might be branching out into mowers... I might be doing a pulley/chop/transplant/weld type thing to my colleagues topper soon

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    Ive some aswell black or green if you get stuck.

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    Thanks guys, SD comes up trumps again... Even got a choice of colours!

    Tempted to put black on the yellow one and green on the grey one!

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    Ive got loads as well Alex , good excuse to do a goat outing at the same time

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