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Thread: Australia - March/April

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    Australia - March/April

    I'm planning a trip to oz next year, around the Easter period. Probably 3 weeks, mostly around Melbourne, but also planning on venturing up the top end and brisbane.

    Can anyone provide any suggestions or contacts for sporting opportunities while I'm over there. I appreciate it will be late summer, so perhaps not ideal, but any suggestions welcome.



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    Pm Johnny gryphon on here . The guy will point you in the right direction and get some sambar stalking done ...atb scott

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    I used to live in Brisbane could give you a few pointers on fishing if you want.

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    Cheers for the suggestion Scott.

    Ideally I'd like to get out with the gun Pete, but happy with fishing if that's all that's on the menu. Will the best opportunities be at sea or on the river? I did a bit of river fishing up in cairns last time I was over. Daintree river from memory.


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    I mainly fly fished in the sea for flathead and trevally. If you dont fly fish then its worth trying soft plastics. There are good areas north and south of brisbane on the gold and sunshine coasts. I personally would go to hervey bay and flyfish for golden trevally or hire a tinny and go to the upper noosa river and fish fly or soft plastics for tarpon and bass.

    When i was last in aus I bumped into a guy who was a hunter and was keen to take me shooting but his farm vas in vic and I met him in NSW he did suggest that I looked at an aussie hunting forum as there were tlots of helpful guys on there I will see if I can remember the forum.

    I didnt shoot but did go out roo hunting with lurchers near geelong with some rough old boys I met in an aldi car park and got chatting with (my wife didnt expect me to come back wolf creek style). Not everyones cup of tea and a bit brutal to be honest. The lads invited me out the next weekend to go foxing up near balarat (average 50 foxes with rifle and dogs) but we were moving on the next day.

    I will dig out the forum name later but if you want more details on fishing pm me and I give you my number



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    That sounds like the type of thing that would happen to me. Sounds promising!


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    For Vic (Melbourne) you'll just need to find a local to help with your firearms "visitors permit". First get a Vic game licence, then contact the police & provide them with your licence details, the licence details of your "host" & where & when you're hunting. NSW is ten times more difficult, you need to be partaking on an "organised club activity" or have a "promise of business" with a licensed hunting guide to get a firearms "visitors permit". QLD is similar to vic. Remember just because you have a "visitors permit" in one state, doesn't mean you are right in the others. States recognise other states licences for traveling Aust residents, not "visitors".

    Its a busy time to hunt as the fallow & reds will be chasing the girls. The weather is cooling & its more enjoyable to be in the bush. Sambar don't have a defined rut, but 90% "rut" in spring (Aug/Sept/Oct), similar with our rusa. Most chital rut in late Jan/Feb.

    If thinking about fishing up north, especially at sea over coral, think about the weather. It blows pretty hard till about June/July, in the tropics.

    Its the best time for salt water fishing on the NSW mid to north coast though, if your after pelagic's like wahoo, spanish mackerel, marlin, etc.

    Cheers Sharkey

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