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    Has anyone tried or own a sweedteam rain poncho Huron? bushwear sell them 60
    Comments please, are they waterproof!, do they fold/roll up small enough to put in a fleece pocket?
    cheers Steve

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    I have had one a couple of years and find mine very good. They are waterproof and they do roll up, but I fit it inside my fleece they are just a little too big for a pocket.

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    You could try one of these for a fraction of the cost, loads on Fleabay.

    Poncho 58 Pattern, Genuine British Army Military Issue Poncho | eBay

    They make a cracking bivi as well.............................................. ..christ I feel old now.
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    I've got an old lightweight US Army poncho. Pretty waterproof and a lot less bulky than the one we got issued with. I've never used it as a civvy, though I can imagine it would be pretty handy sometimes.

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    The newer US Army and Marine Corps M-65 type jackets have some in Goretex with liners which zip out of the shell, and longer shell to over them. The ponchos are made of soft fabric, not plastic, so they are supple and quiet. And ponchos fasten together to create a larger shelter, or two men together. The British Army has similar jackets and ponchos, maybe a bit heavier and bulkier.

    Canada has some outstanding cold weather coats, pants and boots. The old olive jacket was goose down lined.

    Get the real military gear, not some copy.

    For cold days on a stand, I have a short Dutch Army sniper's bag, like a sleeping bag, with a zipper down the front, and a waterproof back, so you can sit in the snow or wet leaves, up against a tree. My rifle will fit inside it with me, or leave it out for to reduce the chance of scope fogging.

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