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Thread: Big Hello from BigTom - INTRO

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    Big Hello from BigTom - INTRO

    Hello everyone.

    BigTom here, it is my second season at Eishken, Isle of Lewis, for Chris Macrae and Scott.

    Trying my best to earn the rep as seasonal Ghillie.

    I have only a little clay shooting behind me and I got my first beast last season ,many thanks to Wully who came up with Jab as extra stalkers,great guys.
    Not so great at fly fishing but slowly getting there and soaking up all tips I can get.

    I am 27 married with three young kids, last one 'Bobby' born last week and I am in the Scottish Fire and Rescue service.

    Had many jobs lots of experience in everything but the game world and electrics but can see myself working in the Ghillies/Stalking world for the rest of my days If you'll all have me.

    Basically going to build up my knowledge then apply for full time ghillie/gardner/estate worker positions in Scotland.



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    Hey again does anyone know of where I could do my DSC 1 and 2 as close to the western isles as possible?

    Also is it possible to have a firearms licence that lets you use other peoples rifles?As I wouldn't afford one anytime soon.

    Another question -apparently I shoot goofy, right handed, left eye dominent feels odd but am quite alright on target

    Is this common ?

    Cheers ,Tom

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello John.Thanks.

    Jayb from Fort Will way?Eishken last season?


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    hi and welcome to sd all the very best, think you must be talking about JAB / John A boyd?

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    yeah Jab, wasnt sure if that was him or nay

    how goes it?

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    yeah yeah I haven't seen him for a few years, I worked with the boyd bros for years in fortwilliam and his brother on the isle of rhum braw picts of ponies.

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    think hes back this season Eishken,was just checkin.

    being a trade member ,do you run a store or shoots or summit?

    thats the wild weather blowin in and no guests this week,bet Il be out catchin the smallest fish in the pond thmoro ha

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