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Thread: While we're on the subject of .22CFs...

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    While we're on the subject of .22CFs...

    Does anybody have any experience of this round?

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    'Eargesplitten Loudenboomer'

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    With a 50gr bullet at 4600 fps I wonder how many actually made it to the target without vapourising?

    Still, I couldn't afford to replace the barrel after every 20 rounds so that would rule it out for me.

    How do you think your FLO would view that one?

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    hm nice rabbit round looks like the 17firball rabbits dont like them trust me

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    Between the years 1972 and 1993 when only .22cfs were permitted for Deer shooting in the Irish Republic I used a 5.6X61 Vom Hofe Super Express, Mauser Mod.66 rifle.
    The factory bullet was a Paraboloid Blei Spitz Geschoss 77gr driven at 3708fps and was made by Klaus Mayer of Germany for Walter Gehmann, the patent holder.
    I used to re-load it with the 71gr Norma projectile and Nobel No.O powder.

    As a matter of technical interest bullet diameter was .228 unlike most .22cfs which are .224 .
    The case was similar in size and appearance to a necked-down .30-06 .


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    Mr Stag sir,

    You are a fountain of knowledge - after reading a lot of your posts l feel that if l learn a 1/10th of what you know about our chosen past time/hobby i'll be a happy man..


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