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Thread: Scope Problem - Help?

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    Scope Problem - Help?

    I have recently bought a Zeiss Victory with a 56mm objective. It sits on top of my Tikka T3 stainless with low optilocks so the barrel clearance in minimal (2/3cm). When i was out last weekend both on the range and in the high seat the bottom of the scope is not clear and a glare seems to be appearing in the bottom 5th of the scope. However i havent noticed this at very low light or out lamping.

    Has anyone else come across this problem? I think it maybe the glare from the stainless barrel but can't be sure?


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    To eliminate the barrel glare, when it next happens, slide the arm sleeve of your pull over over the barrel then look through the scope to see if that works.

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    i will give it a try.

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    With that size of objective lens picking up some reflection from barrel or moderator is inevitable I think.
    I would look at some sort of barrel sleeve.
    I made up a loose sleeve from some old scrim net. Cut a length to make an oblong then sew it into a "tunnel".
    Easily put on and held by an elastic band, easily taken off,solves the problem and makes you that bit less visible.
    Cheap too.
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    Does the problem go away if you increase the magnification? It may well be the lens is picking up the barrel or end of mod as has been said already.
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    i'm not sure i will have to see when i am next out....i suspect it is worse on a low zoom.

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    fairly sure it will be the mod, on a higher mag you will loose it.

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    get yourself a sunshade that will cure your problem you can make one up out of cardboard for now

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