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Thread: Lisenfeld Spezel adjustment - help

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    Lisenfeld Spezel adjustment - help

    Hi All

    Finally got my Lisenfeld Spezel scope on my 270, roughly bore sighted it, then took the turret caps off and found there to be no clue as to which way to turn the dials to move the POI against the crosshair (or vice verse).

    Is there a standard direction, ie will it be the same as on my Optimate? the problem is worse because I have no idea how well the gun shoots either, so adjusting it a long way either way may or may not give me a clear idea. Was getting expensive in bullets when i finally gave up trying to work it out.

    Seems a nice scope otherwise and good glass, and I think will work well in low light.


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    Top turret anti clock is up side turret anti clock to right

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    You've confused me Essex/Sussex how can you have bore sighted it without having taken the turret caps off? Surely if you have bore sighted the rifle/scope you will have worked out which way the adjustment goes, remembering that you move the adjustment in the opposite direction when bore sighting to that you would normally make when shooting and adjusting normally.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    8x57 - True, I must have taken the turrets off to bore sight it (had a lot going on lately, literally dont know what is up and what is down!). I just didnt clock the up and down was missing. Sounds daft now you point it out....I think i worked out how it went, but forgot by the time I went to test it.

    Dave, thank you, presumably when you say anti clockwise is up, that lifts the POI against the cross hair?


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    Hi ess/Sussex, Have a 6 x 42Lisenfeld and it has double headed arrows. Found out by trial and error with target at 50yards. Dave 65 is right I.e. up and right are Anti clockwise.

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    Lisenfeld were built by a small business near Nurnberg Germany when he died the business stopped trading.
    There are often new ones still for sale on Egun Germany (they must be the last stock or seconds).

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    Martin were they actually made in Germany or simply assembled or imported?
    I ask because I have a set of Seeadler binoculars and was informed that the lenses were imported from Japan and the binoculars assembled in Germany, also it too was a small family firm that simply stopped trading when Mr Seeadler retired.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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