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Thread: Itchy trigger Finger ?

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    Itchy trigger Finger ?


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    Great fun, thanks for posting it.

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    Brilliant great fun that.

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    Great fun, had about 20 goes and scored Bobbing bobcat for all but 1 which was then Rocketing rabbit. Has anyone managed the quickest title?

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    Hi mhudsen115. I have got the rabbit on a few occasions but no better. My reactions are either much worse than I thought or you need some luck to get the top score.


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    Just rocketing Rabbit. Fastest time 0.059 secs

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    Bloody hell. How did you manage that. Your not a fighter pilot in your spare time are you. Must practice, must practice.

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    Ah! revenge for all those hideous nights in the lambing's when they all lie there grinding their teeth that gets to me! I'm still a bobcat but I think I'll just go and...

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    I got as far as bobbing bobcat and then run out of drink, maybe some more wiksee would help.

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    Just got to Rabbit! .188 seconds...I'm supposed to be working, damn the internet is awful!

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