Got a nice 12g SBS AYA DT BLNE yeoman with a straight hand stock, marked choked at 1/2 and full (1 and 3 stars) - but seems to shoot much like my old 1/4 and 1/2 gun. When I got it I fully stripped, cleaned and oil bathed each component.
Wood in very good conition, colour hardened action looks lovely. Few minor rub marks on the blueing. Bores good. Maybe a tiny bit of pitting in one at the breech end, but it could just be a bit of stubborn plastic. A good seeing to would sort that out I'm sure.
Generally a top reliable gun in very good solid condition.

Ideally want to swap for something in the following list :
- suitable quantity of .308 factory ammo or heads
- powder or primers
- pump or s/a in multi or 1/4 choke

Or would take 180