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Thread: 5 Foxes plus one the night before.......

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    5 Foxes plus one the night before.......

    Last night was a short mission for one of a pair that had moved down from where I will be putting out a feeder very soon, only wild birds but chip might get a chance to flush one later in the year....
    This pair were very jumpy and it took a bit of hide and seek using the bales to line up the vixen....
    Her mate will be harder to get but he/her will make a mistake....
    Tonight after the heavy rain the plan was wheat stubble, first fox flashed back just as I had pulled into the farm and had clicked the trucks 4wd in...

    It came over a ditch, run about 70 yards then pulled up peeking over a row of stubble....!
    The second and third came out of a field closer to the town, with them both using the wind, however I was a little quicker on the first of the pair, that one down I all ways turn off the light and wait then sweep the field while calling.

    I found the next one trotting in while cutting across to use the wind, it to fell close to its sibling.
    On to the forth fox, it came out of a small spinney where they hole up each year, coming out under the combine I was not going to chance whacking that!! I moved hard right and number 4 was laying dead....

    The big dog fox was quite unlucky as I had decided to pack up so all the kit was away, however the flash of eyes back from my main beam soon had the 700 out of the slip and my last round of the night went in the chamber....


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    fair play tim what a good result that was .. thanks for showing mate

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    Way to go Tim, the foxes don't stand a chance in your neck of the woods Mind you, there are certainly enough of them

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