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Thread: Nissan X-Trail - How good or bad ?

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    Nissan X-Trail - How good or bad ?

    Does any of this forum members use the Nissan X Trail ?

    I need a 4X4 vehicle wich is good on the road and which is useable for light off road work .
    This for shooting and trialing my dogs . Frequently I have to drive longers distances on motorways and a few miles off road .
    The X trail seems rather fast and comfortable and has more storage space tha a RAV4 . I would try to find a recent secondhand 2.2dci version. Fuel comsumption should be a lot lower than a landcruiser or a patrol .
    I have a kangoo 4x4 van , wich is a very practical shooting car .Lots of space and good offroad although it lacks speed and comfort for longer distances .

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    I've been considering them as well. they are a decent size but the missus could still park it. I have asked lots of people that have them what they think and they all rate them highly. I have yet to find anyone that uses one for shooting but plenty of horsey types seem to like them.
    i like the idea of the model with the leather interior.


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    My mate has an L200, but he's got one eye on another mates X trail, so this is indicative in some ways.

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    A pickup like the L200 or Hilux will probably be a lot stronger and better offroad . In these the dogs get very warm in summer and very cold in winter . In an X trail or landcruiser type vehicle they benefit from the airco in summer and from the heating in winter when they are wet .
    My Kangoo 4x4 is not bad , but lacks speed and gets very noisy once you drive faster than 110 km/h .
    When trialing in France , Holland or Italy it's a hard job to get there .
    The Xtrail has a max speed of 180 km/h . Driving 140 km/h over longer distances should be possible . This isn't possible with the Kangoo .
    I also heard that the X trail isn't bad at all off road .

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    X trail

    I was seriously impressed by these until the Freelander2 came out 3 years ago, my FL2 has now done almost 70k miles trouble free, last week on a trip to Oxfordshire and back I averaged 37 mpg fully loaded.

    I use it off roaad frequently and it has been magnificent in the snow.

    I like the X Trail but I prefer the FL2 - its worth a look


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    All round a good vehicle, the only problem i know of is the turbo has caused problems after 40k, of the 3 people i know who own them 2 have had this problem, but lets face it all vehicles have some weekness.
    They all coped really well with the snowand ice recently.
    Good power and fuel consumption.

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    Also have a look at the misunishi outlanders. I drove a friends up to Aviemore a few weeks ago on the snow. Cruised comfortably and quietly at 80mph, handled all the slush no probe, and when it came to snowy roads- what snow? That vehicle regularly drives offroad to top of hills in the Borders. And carries five adults plus ski gear in loads of comfort. 40plus mpg as wel.

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    I see a lot poofsters driving x-tails.

    I have a friend who drives one and absolutely hates it, hates his BS loan even worse.

    Get a 96-00 4runner and never regret it. Unless you are a pansy.

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    Have a look at the pathfinder I had two on the business one was written off in a week the other gets abused on a daily basis .
    I took it up to Malcs in October returned 32mpg not bad for a big motor,Comfy and a seven seater if needs be.

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    X-Trails are tops mate

    Not serious off roaders but the right size and right money and reliable. I have a shogun now and it is to large for every day stuff and no bigger in side than the the x-trail. nicer inside though, x-trail interior was *****, new one is better. had three reds in the back no bother.

    90% of stalking you are sorted

    Had one for 3 years and 130000 miles. never missed a beat, stalked in it slept in it got stuck in it.

    i would have another in a minute.

    pathfinder is just a big x-trail, would have one no bother. sometimes the bigger motors are cheaper than the little uns. (hence i have a shogun LWB)

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