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Thread: Sea Clean2 Solution

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    Sea Clean2 Solution

    I've just brought a new 6 litre ultrasonic cleaner and I'm trying out Sea Clean 2 for the first time...It seems to work extremely well on the brass cases (10-15 min and they're done), but a few come out with an orange discolouration on them.

    Have I not diluted it enough (130-150ml per litre) or is there another cause for this?

    Many thanks,


    N.B. I've just done some .338 PPU brass and its great on the outside, but has this orange tarnish on the inside of nearly all of 1 a case I don't want to damage them!
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    Tiff. After using a solution for cleaning brass, I run the brass through a water only cycle and finally manually rinse all the cases. Regards JCS

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    I get the same if I use a bit too much of it.


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    same here i have a 3 ltr ultrasonic cleaner and i had the same with some 6mmbr cases, backed of the solution and its fine, when they are done i do the same as JCS i wash them off with tepid water then spin them in a old lettuce spinner to clear as much water as i can from them,

    to finish off i then place on a stainless tray and into to a pre heated oven low heat to dry them off,

    final examination, and re load

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    I use Finish dishwasher tablets in mine and the brass coes out clean. I then rinse with fresh water and spread the brass in a baking tray and in the oven on the lowest setting to dry them out.

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    I use sea clean but then again I make it
    its sounds like you are using to much water it down a bit more
    I find if you use hot water from the tap and sea clean on the first 5 to 10min then empty and refill with clean water for 5mins and then dry them is the oven

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