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Thread: can cz 527 varmint shoot 5.56 ammo

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    can cz 527 varmint shoot 5.56 ammo

    Hi im just wondering if my cz 527 varmint can shoot 5.56 ammo I been researching and some say yeah u can and others dont . But do any of you guys use 5.56 in your cz 527 just out of interest really

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    It certainly was the case, but I don't know about now. Contact CZ directly, they usually reply quickly.

    Don't forget to let us all know.
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    Normally it will say on the barrel, does it say .223 or .223/5.56

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    I got onto cz directly and they said that cz will take 5.56 ammo

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    I have a friend who shoots military (US) 5.56 in his CZ 527 pretty regularly to generate empty brass to reload. No problems but for sub standard accuracy.~Muir

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    The compatability of twist and bullet weight will be the main factor nicky rather than chambering.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Then you MAY have a problem shooting current NATO standard heavier bulleted ammunition but you shouldn't have a problem with the older 55grn rounds. You can only try it and see. I'm not even going to open the can of worms as regards pressures and chambering differences between .223rem and 5.56mm or the similar "problems" with .308win and 7.62mm but I am sure that someone will raise the issue.
    We shoot older 55grn 5.56mm through the club .223rem rifle ( not a CZ) that has a 1:12 twist with no problems but haven't tried the heavier bullets yet. They may work or they may shoot like a shotgun we shall just have to try it.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I just got some 62 grn tracers tips today so I'll load them up and give them a blast and see what happens fingers crossed if they work .

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    Nicky, the tracer won't stabilise in a 1-12" as they are even longer than the 62gn fmj that will be borderline anyway. All you'll do is have little firestarters whizzing around all over the place, and in this weather, it will literally be firestarters. We are currently on a tracer ban at work as it's still so dry here.
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