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Thread: Fin Grips/Rifle Rack for Quads

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    Fin Grips/Rifle Rack for Quads

    Looking for views on fin grips (or any other similar type of rifle carrying attachment) which i would be putting on a honda quad? Are they any good, handle bar or rack attachment?

    Standard single fin grips from bushwear are the obvious choice but i see an alternative option on targetsportsuk.

    Views from experience appreciated.



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    I've always found the handlebar grips the best, particularly if you need to grab your rifle in a hurry to take a quick shot. They generally last a few years at which point the rubber tie downs usually need replacing. I've tried a couple of rack alternatives but never got on with them as well. The handlebar versions also allow you to keep the racks clear for carcase extraction and the rifle away from any mess. So many different makes to chose from. I generally load up in Cabelas with a few sets when I'm over there.

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    Got em on my quad ,they will rub the blueing off your guns make sure they grip just your rifles stock not stock and barrel or they will move the bed of your rifle with the vibrations causing misses .i only use mine to grip the semi auto when on my rounds pen checking .dont mind the blue off that as it sees all weather and muck anyways but not my rifles .

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    Slightly of topic but does anyone use 1 of thoose 'gun boots' like a holster type thing that fits on the back rack pointing down daigonally (similar to where shepards crook holders go) And how does it cope with scope mounted lamps or nitesite type attachments?

    They do look quite good but wasnae sure if it would cope with having a scope mounted lamp (even a small led type)

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