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Thread: Hornady 6mm (.243W) 100 grain round nose

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    Hornady 6mm (.243W) 100 grain round nose


    Just had a call from an old chap I know who is down to his last few of these bullets and after years of using them in his rifle doesn't want to have to start developing a new load for it.

    So, if anyone out there has any of these sat on the shelf gathering dust and wants to sell them please let me know.

    Not sure how many years the old boy has left in him but it'd be nice if he can keep on stalking with his trusty old smoke pole shooting the bullets it loves.

    Can collect/meet up in Hampshire/Surrey/Essex as these are expanding bullets so face to face transaction needed.


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    He can use 100gr sp interlocks with zero poi change
    i did this in mine, shot two groups inside each other

    much easier to get hold of but I agree the rn's are awesome

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    Don't think it's a case of what will shoot to the same POI as more wanting to stick with what he knows and trusts. Hoping that someone might have a box or two sat at the back of a cupboard, I had some years ago when I had a 243 but they got given away.

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    agree but if it is a case of not having any or having the next best thing
    the SP interlocks are basically the same bullet with different Ogive profile
    Same cup and core, same Interlock crimp

    tough to find

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    What I want to know is what muppet decided that round nosed bullets weren't a good thing to sell.
    We used to be able to buy them for most calibres in sensible weights - I really miss the Speer 105 grain round nosed jobbies which are no longer in production. They used to shoot really well in 243 standard twist rifles (mine at least). They didn't deflect as much as pointed bullets when hitting grass & small twigs & had very good terminal ballistics. (Lots of dead deer know that!) & they don't get damaged easily in the magazine either.
    There seems to be some misguided marketing going on - The muppets must think that pointy bullets are sexier or summat!

    Rant over


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    Just a thought, is it possible to order them from the USA? Not sure if the postage would rule this out and whether there is a willing supplier to send them?

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    Alas not - they are a discontinued line...

    I blame people who want to shoot at more than 100 yards with their plastic stocked rifles and stainless steel barrels with big tuff looking scopes instead of a proper rifle with a lovely piece of walnut for a stock and flip up rear sights out to 150 yards. Round nosed bullets would still be here if it wasn't for them.

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