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Thread: Combination gun

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    Combination gun

    Anyone with a drilling or double barrelled shotgun/rifle combination for sale?

    Ideally looking for something either 12bore & 308 o/u or a 16bore x 7x57 drilling, but no hard and fast expectations. Needs to be .243 or larger.

    Thought I'd ask here before going to Germany to look for an import.


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    My relation in Germany wants to sell some of his collection of guns included is a drilling which is a Kreighoff 6.5x57 with a 16 gauge is this the sort of thing you're looking for.
    Cheers Steve.

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    I have a 12 bore over .308 under Antonio Zoli Combination rifle which I may be looking to part company with. Drop me a PM if you are interested:

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    Keep an eye on the Holts auction - usually has several - next one is September - well worth going to the preview just to get some ideas.

    In terms of dealers - Francis Lovell over in Witney has had a few in over the years and would be worth a call. Alan Rhone has a German gunsmith who learnt his trade on these sorts of guns and usually knows where a few are. Ditto for J Roberts and Son.

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