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Thread: Spanish Ibex

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    Spanish Ibex

    Took this photo on a trip to Sierra Nevada, Spain last year.
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    That's a beautiful picture pal.

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    Excellent photo James, shame about the back-stop!

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    Thanks for the comments. Luckily for this guy another very nice Ibex had already presented itself with a perfect back stop.

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    nice picture mate. you lucky bugger, would love to go over there and stalk! what was the stalk like? bet it was amazing?


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    The stalking was like Scotland except warm and sunny. Spot them from a long way off and make a plan. I shot mine from one side of a steep valley to another.
    There were small caves in the rock face that the Ibex would appear from. You could glass an area and there be nothing go back and 6 or 7 Ibex appear out of nowhere.
    Its definitely worth the trip if you get the chance.


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    Nice mate, wish I could go, but as I have a young family, times is hard, lol, maybe in a few years, I love the hole hard stalk and the thrill of the chase? Did you take many more photo's bet it was an experience and a half? Matt

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    Hi James,
    Well framed but I think it would be a little better if you take close up. Which camera did you use to took this picture?

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