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Thread: bushnell backtrack gps

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    bushnell backtrack gps

    Does any one have a Bushnell Backtrack GPS, if so are they any good, you can get them for just over 50 which seems a reasonable price to me !!
    Cheers, bairn79.

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    hi bairn79

    I have a backtrack and used it in scotland last week and it worked really well, i'd recomend one.



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    Can you input GPS coordinates into this device at all?


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    Isn't the whole point of this device to get you back to your start point when lost in "the woods". It's supposed to let you retrace your route, not just give you directions?

    Can't imagine getting lost in woodland on this isle.


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    Never could see the point in the gadget. As i understand it, it tracks your progress via GPS and then directs you to either backtrack along your journey waypoints or directly to the what's wrong with a compass and a map?
    Also, a map will show you the topography and any obstacles should you decide to head straight to your starting point. I also carry a map so that i can record where and when i shoot deer - it soon helps to show 'hot spots' at certain times of the year.

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    the device has a self calibrating built in compass and can store 3 locations, which if in a very large forest that your unfamiliar with could be a very useful tool. you could store location of vehicle & store location of a shot deer etc to return to later if needed. i dont own one of these & was just wondering what peoples views were on them. (to buy a good compass & map could cost you 50 and take more effort & noise to use imo)

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    Why not just buy a cheap GPS from eBay? I have bought a couple of the Magellan Blazer/300/315's over the years, rarely paying more than about 20 quid. They don't just provide backtrack capabilities but also compass, altimeter, numerous Points of Interest, etc.

    See for example.

    I bought the first one about 10 years ago for my stalking trips to Scotland. Apart from just liking gadgets, I was interested in how much distance we covered and logging where the deer were shot. Over the years I've built up a good database of the stags we've taken, such that the rest of the party are now largely oblivious, if not downright rude, when I tell them that "you shot your stag 20 yards over there in 1998"

    The stalker on the estate was intially dubious about the GPS when he first saw it, but having then used it to direct us back to the shot beasts a couple of times, either in the dark or in heavy mist, I was not that surprised when the following year both he and the ghillie each had one. The ability for the stalker to be able to call back to the lodge and relay the GPS co-ordinates to the ghillie so that he can come out in the argo saves a huge amount of time.


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    I have a "Gadget" too, it's a Satmap, pretty good unit, takes O/S map chips over a base map will go down to less than 3 metres, all in colour, moving map compass etc, etc. blah blah!

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    Thanks Willie Gun - spot on

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