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Thread: Pulsar n750 infrared modification

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    Pulsar n750 infrared modification

    Just wondering if anyone had tried sticking a length of picatinny rail to the top of the unit as having the NM800 hanging off the left hand side makes it impossible to shoot off the drivers side wing mirror.
    Any tips or pics would be appreciated if you have tried it

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    I use one of these on my Drone Pro 10x (and formerly on a Photon) but the rails on those are on the right...... but this is low profile compared to some torch mounts and will put the torch a bit higher and closer to the body of the 'scope.

    1 25mm Offset Rifle Flashlight Torch Laser Mount 20mm Weaver Picatinny Rail | eBay

    I use a Sunnranger (T20 with a Yukon Ranger head on it) which is the same diameter as my NM800's head

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