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Thread: Swarovski - Fabulous service!

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    Thumbs up Swarovski - Fabulous service!


    I have to commend Swarovski upon their great service.
    I have a pair of Swarovski SLK 8X30 binoculars which I use for stalking.
    Recently the knurled knob for adjusting single eye focus had cracked and was lost.
    I am off to Africa in October and wwill be taking the binos with me so thought I'd better have them repaired.
    I checked out the Swaro website and got their address. I didn't fancy the hassle of posting them to Austria so checked out local dealres.
    The Camera Centre in Cardiff was listed so I popped them in there.
    I work abroad so was away for a month.
    Yesterday I popped in to collect my binoculars.
    They were as new! in a box, new covers everything! Well still had my strap which is how I recognised them!
    The cost?
    Not a penny! Absolutely free!

    Many thanks to Swarovski and the Cardiff Camera Centre!

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    They have always been good to me Swarovski. I have lost a ring of a BT in the grass one day setting them up and a lenses cover off the front of my EL bino rangefinders and they replaced them free of charge.

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