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Thread: Classifieds Rules Update

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    Exclamation Classifieds Rules Update

    Would everyone using our Classifieds facility please make sure you have read and familiarised yourself with the rules. We have recently added a section concerning restricted items (i.e. items that carry certain legal restrictions on their sale).

    Some of you will be aware we recently tried to curtail questionable bullet sales by forbidding the sale of bullets outright. This proved universally unpopular and unworkable (most people never even read the rule!) so we decided instead to clarify our position on the sale of bullets and, whilst we were at it, other restricted items.

    When offering an item for sale on this web site you must consider the following:

    • Are you allowed to sell it?
    • Are you allowed to post it?
    • Does it have to be sold face to face?
    • Do you have to endorse the buyer's certificate?
    • Is the buyer old enough to buy it?
    • Is the buyer entitled to possess it?

    It is your responsibility to make sure the items you are selling, the method by which you are selling them and the persons you are selling them to do not fall foul of the law. Adverts which appear to be sidestepping restrictions will be removed without notice and, if appropriate, the account in question will be suspended.

    Please see the new section 9) here: Classified Rules - Please Read!

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    More updates, well clarification really...

    Section 7) - State a Price.

    There has been some confusion recently about stating a price and this was our fault for not applying the rule consistently and we apologise for any confusion this caused.

    Basically, Classified ads need a price up front, Sporting Opportunities do not.

    Explanation here: Pricing

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    many thanks for the clarification.

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