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Thread: Grendel takes another

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    Grendel takes another

    I set off at 18:30 last night to go to the ground I have permission to shoot over last night. I arrived there to be greeted by the land owner as we needed to talk about what he had seen deer and rabbit wise during harvest time. The news was good for him, not so much for me. He had only seen one deer, with no obvious signs of any more. Coupled with him mentioning that he and his farm hand had been out with a shotgun for several Hrs and only bagged five bunnies. I thought it would be a nice quiet night in the high seat.

    Ok so with my expectations suitably lowered I quickly stalked to the high seat. After the usual commotion had died down. The weather started to turn showery, so nothing seen by the land owner and now the weather gods hate me as well.

    After the second shower had past I could hear a noise in the stubble behind the seat. This was to be the first of 6+ hares I watched during the evening. He was so close at one point I could have dropped a rock on him as he passed under the seat. Later on I counted up to 20 bunnies either side of my seat, many kittens so they have been breading like...

    The time had rolled around to 20:30 I had been watching a young hare filling its belly then moving on a couple of hops then eating more, when I decided that it was time to call it quits. As I climbed down the ladder the young hare just stared at me as if to say WTF where did you come from. As I was about to start to stalk back to the car I spotted a darkish shape 250m further down the tree line.

    A quick look though the binos yup it defiantly a Munty. Bugger there is no cover between me and the tree line 15m to my left, and the wind is blowing toward her, so I very slowly walked to the trees not daring to look to often in her direction. I paused for a min before starting to make my way towards her. It seemed to take forever, I could not have made any more noise if I had tried.

    I got to a point about 100m from her from which I could not have got closer to her. So I now have to take the shot if I can. I had no choice but to use a kneeling unsupported one, luckily I practice this quite regularly. The first time with the rifle up I was starting to breathe heavily and was nowhere near willing to take the shot. After lowering the rifle and giving myself, a dam good talking to, I was in the aim once more.

    This time all was well the shot was taken and she fell in the spot as the Grendel round did its job.

    Lessons learnt; well local knowledge can be wrong not often, also never say never. If your there enjoy being out and donít forget that last look around.

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    lesson for us all m8,patience and percy ,percyverance gets the freezer filled.

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