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Thread: I cant get it right !!

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    I cant get it right !!

    Hello gents,
    as per the title of the thread I cant get it right...that is to say I cant get
    my rifle scope to zero to the right I have run out of adjustment ,
    I recently had a night vision rifle scope fitted to my rifle,the rifle
    had to have a dovetail to weaver style adaptor fitted.
    the best I can do is 7 inches left of how to fix it? shims?
    any answers or advice would be most welcome.

    best regards


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    Try reversing the mounts, if the problem goes the other side, get new mounts or lap the ones you have to true, this is assuming the scope is good. Steve. OR suspect the weaver adaptor?

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    If that fails try reversing one mount

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    Are the mounts / bases true to the line of the bore? You say it has a dovetail rather than is drilled and tapped for bases? If it had holes sometimes they can be out of alignment with the bore.

    I did have a new CZ527 .223 with the usual dovetails, but the rear dovetail was canted to the right. It was obvious when the mounts went on and a scope just would not sit on it at all. I had it replaced, but although I was told it was a 'Friday afternoon job' by the gun shop that makes no sense as I would assume it was all CNC machinery now and cut to a template.

    Sounds like a bases / mounts alignment issue to me...assuming the barrel is true to the action.

    Good luck with it.

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