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Thread: Sauer 202 rear set trigger ?

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    Sauer 202 rear set trigger ?

    During load development I've not modified the "standard" trigger weight (which I find to be quiet Heavy), although I do use the Rear Set Trigger and find it well suited to my technique. All fine and good in a bench/controlled environment but what about when stalking ?

    I'm very cautious when using the Rear Set trigger since the safety and setting procedure on the Sauer is a bit of a refined taste, that said, this is my first rifle so I have nothing to compare it with!

    My question is, should I continue to use the Set Rear Trigger OR modify the "standard" trigger to the same pull weight to simplify the operation when I eventually go stalking ?

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    Is it a double trigger then? I occasionally use the set trigger on mine but that is a a single trigger you push forward to is no different in as much, if you've set the trigger you can easily un set it, then do whatever you need to with the safety. I would be more inclined to have the main trigger set at a sensible weight and just get used to it, setting it too light would be potentially dangerous whatever the rifle was irrespective of safety mechanism.
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    Going back to your intro, you say you are new to rifles and stalking.... Have you considered getting used to the rifle with factory ammo before embarking on load development and alike....?
    If as you say all this is new to you you are probably overloading yourself with far to much information which if you listen to the advice out there will quickly contradict itself! Evident from your question about cleaning bore and moderator during load developement.
    I for one would achieve nothing by doing load development and reloading because I prefer deerstalker and shooting, I don't worry that the round is 1/4 moa at x yards, all I care about is a dead deer on the ground shot cleanly. My rifle with factory ammo shoots better than I ever will so for me there is no point.
    If however you are going down the target route etc then fair do's but the world of reloading and load development are poles apart from deer stalking. Don't get me wrong the two can overlap, but as a newcomer to the sport I would take things steady and go for experience over pinpoint accuracy.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Thanks for the input, I treat the sport as a whole. I like to know how things work, where the limitations are and get the very best I can from my equipment. Getting a single load that works exceptionally well in the rifle is only one aspect. I'm sure it will be the first step on a very long journey. Every day is a school day for me at present, hopefully I'm a fast learner !

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    Ive used and adjusted a few Sauers with the single set trigger unit - the "set" function rarely is better than the standard trigger.

    The standard trigger will adjust to a perfectly adequate crisp stalking weight without the need for the "set" function to be used.

    On a separate note, unless you know what your doing do not remove the trigger unit from the action block….(its not necessary to remove the unit to adjust the trigger, but to clean the unit, it is)

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    Redmist, thanks for that. I was discussing exactly that today with my mentor. It's on the list of things to do !

    Now that load development is all but complete it's time to perfect it's use.

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