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Thread: Binoculars for youngster

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    Binoculars for youngster

    Has anyone got an old pair of bins they no longer use, that they'd care to pass on to a youngster in return for a small donation to H4H (or any other charity)?
    My middle daughter (13) is going on an RSPB conservation weekend this autumn, but, having paid for the trip for her, funds don't stretch to getting her a pair of bins. Teenagers being what they are, she's afraid of being the "odd one out" on the trip, without binoculars.

    Hope this isn't too much of a cheeky ask...


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    VSS keep an eye out in the charity shops - quite often there are bins for sale there & you can sometimes get a real bargain - I got a pair of Zeiss 8x30 for a fiver a couple of years back. Just be sure to look through them to make sure they're still aligned.


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    What size do you have in mind ?

    I have a load of sets of these:

    I bought them boxed and brand new in a bankrupt stock sale, gave a load to my daughter's friends and to young relatives, sold a few, got sick of farting on with them, so I left the rest in the garage until I could summon up the will to advertise them again...

    They are actually surprisingly decent, and the little LCD screen displays ambient temperature and has a compass feature, so at least you will know which way north is when you're lost

    Whether these are suitable or not, the only point I would make is to buy small and light. Kids don't like lugging around more than they have to at the best of times, so weight and especially bulk is going to get left behind...

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    .30.06 - How much are they?
    Could do with some for my 6 year old.

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    They look like they'd probably do the job, and, as you say not so big and bulky that kids would get fed up of lugging them around.
    I'll drop you a pm.

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    not sure if you're sorted yet, but my wife has been sorting out a kitchen cupboard today and has found 2 sets of mini bins.....

    nikon 8x21
    praktica 7-22x22 zoom

    dunno what the practicas are like, but from memory the Nikons give a half decent image for their size (& they are light!).
    you are more than welcome to either or me if of any interest. I'll cover postage if your daughter would like them.
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