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Thread: diesel/gasoline comparison???

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    diesel/gasoline comparison???

    Hey folks...
    Has any of you ever had the opportunity to compare (maintenance/running costs) a like vehicle with the diesel and gasoline engine?
    Wife has a kia sorento with the 2.5 crdi and loves it. Takes worse case 11 liters to 100km..... diesel for us is cheaper than gasoline and the gasoline version uses more fuel.
    Having engine trouble with the 2.5 at the moment and looking at the possible bill, wondering if the gasoline version isn't the cheapest to run after all....
    Any tips/experiences appreciated.........


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    Not sure but price difference in petrol and diesel with the extra cost of a diesel car makes using a diesel car more viable if you do more then 35.000 a year. That is according to the DIA.

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    I just sat down and done the monkey math.... about 12k KM (15 max) a year... with fuel prices today (diesel is a little cheaper), the difference for 12k a year, the difference is 600 euro a year... Some of which will be made up in extra taxes on the diesel... I guess the next vehicle will be a gasoline one... Can switch to LP gas also......

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    My car is a 1.9l diesel. I especially like it beacuse when I have filled the tank up, I can drive about 650 miles before having to do so again. It's also got a great deal of torque, and if I drop it into 3rd at 60mph, the car behind disappears in an oily grey-black cloud.

    I wonder, though, when it expires (which I hope will be many years hence - it's only 10, and 130K) whether the sums of petrol vs diesel will come out in favour of the former.

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    You need to do 25,000 miles a year now to justify a diesel purely on a cost basis.

    However, certainly in NI, diesel cars have a much better resale value and sell privately very quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    You need to do 25,000 miles a year now to justify a diesel purely on a cost basis.

    However, certainly in NI, diesel cars have a much better resale value and sell privately very quickly.
    sorry CD

    thats down to the fact the diesel is harder to light than petrol.

    jocking apart all my relatives in Ni have diesel and have said on many occasions that the resale value is top drawer.

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    We recently changed to a diesel, best thing we ever did, 70mpg on a run, almost 60mpg just nipping about.
    Tax 30 a year.

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    My 2ltr DTI Zafiras average 10miles/litre but can be very dependant on front tyres. Costs 2p mile in tyres. Service costs probably v similar, however in UK big difference between petrol and diesel costs. Also life expectancy of D engine may be better than petrol.


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    Apparently the official view is now that diesels are bad as they pollute more than petrol and there are going to be surcharges for diesels where there are congestion charges.

    A lot depends on the relative difference in price between the fuels, right now with LPG at around 65p per litre, petrol 130p and diesel at 136p, provided you are doing a reasonable amount of miles, it makes sense to go with the investment to fit LPG to a high consumption vehicle. My petrol engined Range Rover gets about 245 miles from 70 litres of LPG which makes the cost per mile virtually the same as for the diesel version but with the far superior petrol performance. Without LPG it would cost nearly twice as much per mile as diesel.
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    The yearly milage everyone is quoting is if you keep the vehicle for 3 years I have had my diesel Trooper for nearly 12 years and have just taken off the EGR valves in now does over 40 mpg it cost 7000 and has done 135000 mls since I bought it other than servicing I have spent 1600 in repairs its got to be cheap motoring

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