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Thread: Extra large ear muffs ?

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    Extra large ear muffs ?

    Every set of hearing protection muffs I use / try / borrow has to be extended to the maximum and is usually a bad fit if worn over a cap. My cap size is 7 1/2 so not abnormal , but I have always have to find a deep fitting cap so the measurement from ear to ear over the top of the head is obviously greater than average ! Has anybody out there shared this experience and were you able to solve it ? For instance is there more adjustment in the Sordin neck strap model ?



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    Wear them under the cap and they will fit!

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    If the cap fits wear it - trouble is I've enough trouble finding a cap that fits that I can afford to lose. Let alone sticking something between my head and it. Seriously though what's it like wearing muffs with a neck band?

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    Is there anything in the Tefal range?
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    Do your mates call you wingnut?

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    Have you tried the Napier ones? The ones that fit inside you ears, like earplugs, but with a headband. They seem to have a fair range of adjustment, and at 30 ish, work surprisingly well.

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    I find my Deben slimline electonics fit over a cap and my pretty large head.


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    Posted reply using phone but it seems to have wobbled off into limbo.

    I have a set of Napiers for home use but I seem to be overly conscious of having something stuck in my ear - but very useful for a few zeroing shots

    I think I'll be going down the MSA sordin neckstrap route as they seem to fit the bill for staying on while moving through cover and using in company. I got a bit of a tinnitus boost from being near a moderator / muzzle brake combination about two years ago and I need to get into the habit of wearing muffs as a matter of course.



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