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Thread: Thieves should have their hands chopped off!!

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    Thieves should have their hands chopped off!!

    Came back from a cracking weekend camping with the kids yesterday, went into the garage to put some gear away and noticed a couple of boxes on the floor opened up! Thought they may have fallen off a shelf then the realisation hit that someone had been in and pinched some stuff over the weekend!

    Must have been on foot as they only took a couple of drills but also opened up a bino box that had a nice pair of Nikon bins in a case. Not the cleverest though as they left the box with a couple of nice prints on that hopefully are not mine!!

    Gotta give Cambs police credit they were round within half hour of the report to dust for prints and I'll find out within a week if the prints are mine or not!!

    I was actually very lucky as my shooting gear was in my car and I took a holdall with my NV and lamping gear away with me for spotting while the kids werein bed over the weekend!! That really would have done my head in!!

    Still not a nice experience and shook the Mrs up a bit as she was home alone for part of the wend with her foot up!!

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    Not good mate get an alarm fitted not too hard to DIY

    ATB Al

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    Sorry to hear about that mate as you say cut off their hands bazil

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    horrible feeling ,had my car emptied in tamworth n a scooter nicked at my dads in burton.helpless anger covers it .get a 9.99 garage alarm so if the doors opened your hear the horrible siren going.or go ott on security bolts through the door skins n padlocks on the inside.hope they get the bottom drops from their fingerprints

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    Complete and utter [censored] !!!!
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    a couple where i live were arrested for stealing stuff. They were given community service to do. The stuff the police had found in their house which certainly wasnt theirs because they said they never had anything to cut the grass, yet the items recovered from their house was lawn mowers and strimmers. Because the rightful owners where never found the police had to return the stuff to the theifs

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    go to the giant car boot sale at can someone have 8 lawnmowers n 5 strimmers for amazed the police never pop down and compare serial numbers with whats on their stolen goods register

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    Quote Originally Posted by tozzybum View Post
    .so amazed the police never pop down and compare serial numbers with whats on their stolen goods register
    The Police do real work, not a chance
    Having had 15k worth of mowers, chainsaws, pumps etc stolen I can say the police made a lot of very empty
    promises, but actually did nothing, even though the culprit was known all along.


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    How many of us actually record serial numbers so that we could give them to the police in the first place?

    Secondly if you think that the police haven't done their job then simply put in an official complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, easy enough to do. If there are any grounds for your complaint it will get looked at.

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    I think that FAC/SGC cert holders would hesitate do rock the local boat by doing that.
    As in some other areas in life, we are at a disadvantage.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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