I am after 1 or potentially 2 fixed power scopes for my rimfires, 22LR and 17HMR.

I have variable scopes on both, realistically a fixed 6, 8 or 10 power would be more than adequate for the bunny bashing that I do, and a lot less fiddly!!

The scopes must have mildot reticle or another holdover style reticle. If it has illumination then great, but this is not a must have.

I have found the ideal scope for my application, so if anyone has one of these for sale let me know.

Nikko Stirling Platinum Nighteater 8x56 MIL DOT- No Side Wheel Rifle Scope | Nikko Stirling Nighteater Series | Rifle Sports

Otherwise open to suggestions.

Reply by PM if you can please.