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Thread: Opinions please gents...

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    Opinions please gents...

    Is it worth my while stocking these? Price will be around 130.00

    Click image for larger version. 

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    looks like a very very very expensive bumbag.which u could get for 15 to 30 quid dependant on pocket combinations/ roe sack only cost 50 quid is washable and holds far more kit if u want to be a carthorse

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    I would rather wear a vest on a short outing, and a dedicated backpack for longer trips.

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    I think too expensive for what it is - compare and contrast with Eberlestock as competition. I think this is on the same pile as the turkey pack (albeit for different reasons) - sorry!
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    if i was spending that sort of money i would go for the kelty game hauler

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    wow, do people wear that sort of thing?

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    A LED head lamp, knife, phone, gloves, piece of rope and a small bottle of water in a pocket.

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    they will sell , and end up unused in stalkers cupboards !

    lots of options already for this sort of stuff , plce , kifaru , maxpedition , 5.11 , blah blah blah
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalker.308 View Post
    wow, do people wear that sort of thing?
    Only if your name's Borat and your mankini is in the wash!!!!


    ps sorry but that would be a naw to the original post

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    Okey doke. Think I'll list them as 'out of stock' and see what happens. Cheers fellas.

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