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Thread: scope/mounts problem??

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    scope/mounts problem??


    Just got home with my new tikka t3 varmint .308. I have fitted the optilock 30mm Low scope mounts and optilock scope rings to my s&b 30mm 8 x 56 scope and on to the rifle all ok.

    However they is little room between the end of the scope and the rifle barrel. There is probably about 1-2mm clearance running the length of the big end of the scope down the barrel(Im sure there is a technical name for that)

    The butler creek scope cap touches the barrel, so I have trimmed that down as much as I can and it still just touches the barrel.

    Will this be an issue?? Im guessing it will be because of recoil etc and it may affect the scope and zero after a period of time.

    Advice much appreciated please.

    Thanks John

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    Move your scope cover out as far as you can without it risking being knocked off, & 1 or 2 mm clearance is more than adequate. Steve.

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    Does the scope cap touch the barrel when it's open, or just when it's closed? If the latter, you should be okay (unless you're inclined to take shots with the caps closed of course )

    If it touches when the cap is open you might want to (a) try it on the range to see what effect (if any) it's having, or (b) swap the rings.


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    Thanks for the advice steve.

    Willie_gunn the scope cap is lose enough that i can adjust it as finnbear270 describes. With it closed the scope cap flap/lid touches the barrel, but with it open I can just and I mean just see day light between the cap and the barrel. Ps dont tell A.H. he already thinks Im incompetent lol!

    Cheers John

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    When you consider the test for a free float barrel is to pass a sheet of A4 between the stock & barrel, I would say you are going to be OK!. Steve.

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    Take an angle grinder to the barrel where the cap touches it...


    As Steve says you'll be fine. Just after a while it might rub the blueing (if it has blueing). But scuffs and nicks look good on a rifle

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    scope mounts

    hi purdeydog i have a t3 varmit and the same rings ect with a z6i swaro on and the clearance is the same i took my butler creek cap off and just have the cover the scope came with on no probs with zero
    atb tom

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    Thanks for the replies, don't think i need to worry then.

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