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Thread: Clearing out the Man Drawer....

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    Clearing out the Man Drawer....

    I have for sale, all postage included:-

    1) SOLD ACME (genuine) 535 silent whistle 8 never used.Attachment 45953
    2) SOLD Victorinox Stainless belt loop (used a couple of time slight wear) 9Attachment 45954
    3)Victorinox Leather Belt Loop (never used) 6Attachment 45955
    4) Sold Leather belt Cl ip/Shell holder, takes ten shells to 75mm in OAL belt fitting, (never been out) 13Attachment 45956Attachment 45957
    5) SOLD Bird Counter (never used) 6Attachment 45958
    6)Sold Cigar holder flask 180mm x 18mm (int) (used a couple of times) 11Attachment 45959Attachment 45960

    All Postage Inc.
    Payment BACS if possible..........paypal as well if need be.
    Advertised Elsewhere.
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    Gary Beechener

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    Ill take the bird counter please

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    Hi Gary could i have the whistle please let me know details for payment
    regards bally

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    Received today :: many thanks

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