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Thread: swarovski repairs

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    swarovski repairs

    My Swarovski bino's had started to fog up in the right lense, so i got in touch with swarovski who told me to send them in with a cover letter explaining the problem, Within 2 weeks they had been sent to Austria, repaired, serviced, cleaned and sent back to me with no questions asked..... Well done swarovski.

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    Customer Service

    Thay have the best customer service in the buisness.

    I have never heard any complaints in all the years i've been shooting.

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    + 1 on that.

    I've received excellent service from them on the two occasions that I needed it.

    I doubt I'll now stray from them - looking forward to when they announce rangefinder binos.

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    I too have had good service, my fairly new binos started to stick on focussing wheel and the serial number had been stamped twice ( crooked both times! ) I pointed this out to Swaro uk and said not what you expect at this price, they waffled a bit so I sent them direct to Austria with covering letter, Four days later a brand new pair arrived with new carrying case, so spot on here too.

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    I have also had excellent service from them, they managed to totally rebuild mine after they were trashed when they were run over by a car. It cost me 500 but I got back virtually a brand new pair and it only took a couple of weeks.

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