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Thread: Beating? Worcestershire/south staffs, etc

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    Beating? Worcestershire/south staffs, etc

    Admin please feel free to move the thread if you'd prefer it elsewhere.

    Hi all,
    Wondering if anyone on here knows or knows someone who knows of beating opportunities in Worcestershire or nearby? I've never done it before but would love to have a go for a season. I've joined NOBs, but not sure how much I'll get out of it.
    Also any advice for the would-be beater or other ways to get involved, just with the motive of having a good time and meeting people. I'd also be keen to learn more about the workings of a game shoot, rearing the birds, etc.
    I blame the wife and the book an gamekeeping she bought me last Christmas, I was perfectly happy with fishing and the beginnings of stalking before that! This whole world is quite addictive, I wish I'd discovered it 10 years ago...
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    Yo simon , send me a pm . Some of the shoots by me are always short of beaters. this is between worcester and tenbury .

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