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Thread: Level 2, yes no or maybe?

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    Level 2, yes no or maybe?

    Hi All,

    Just some background on me, passed my Level 1 in 1999, prior to this i had carried out deer control for several years and taken clients stalking.
    Decided to drop taking people out in 2004.
    Over the years i have shot several hundred deer.

    Circumstances have changed for me recently and i will be ressurecting the accompanied stalking business.

    Because of this i thought i would investigate the Level 2.
    I love a challenge, and it does look challenging, but at the same time costly, so i am asking myself do i really need to go down this road at a time when i should be watching the pennies?
    Can i do what i am planning without it?

    I understand things are changing this year so i need to have some advice please, positive or negative, before the date for change in registration is here.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    Richard -

    The way I see it, it's a commercial decision for you in your position.

    Is having Level Two likely to increase either the volume of stalking clients or give you access to more ground?

    If the answer is yes, and you would therefore be able to generate new revenues greater than it costs you do your Level Two in the first place, I'd suggest you have a business case - and your answer.

    Good luck.


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    I agree with Kevin. If you are now stalking as a business then it is down to simple cost/benefit analysis. DSC 2 may be 'costly' but it will be a cost to the business, not to you personally.

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    DSC2 is a route to being an accredited witness, and as some of your clients may want this.

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    Hi Richard, Up here we have no choice if you shoot FC ground or hold a lease you must have 1 and 2 and most of the other forestries are following suit, the way i look at it, if your going to be taken out clients for business better with it under your belt, you never no you might need it some day

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    Level 2 will give you more credibility in the eyes of those that don't know you. As said, it is also the next step to becoming an AW which is the only reason some folks will pay for a trip out. Definitely another string to your bow there! It won't cost too much if you have your own stalking either. Let me know where you are in Devon as I may know someone that can help.

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    Going for it

    Thanks for your replies, i just needed nudging, so i have sent off my application today.

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    Thumbs up

    I agree with the others. As I see it, how long before level II becomes somewhat expected if you are doing accompanied stalks. It shouldn't cost you too much as, if you have your own land with deer on it and you know there movements then you will be able to give a very detailed report on each cull. What's more, isn't it nice to have someone or an organisation recognise you and your knowledge. I know some people see it as a waste of time, but then if you know your stuff what have you got to hide or lose? I am one cull off my level II. I have taken over a year to get here, but time is not important to me it's getting it right and each stalk for me is anothers days exposure to an ever changing natural world. Lets face it, we learn something every day. My only advice is not to rush it, enjoy it and share your experiences with your AW and do call your assessor once you know who he is and introduce yourself. Enjoy. arthursc

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    This will come a a surprize to a few of the SD guys that know me-but I also do not hold a DSC level 2, as I have just not bothered to getting round to it, as my stalking, culling & Game dealing business all go hand in hand I guess I had better register & start getting the old portfolio up together.

    It now seems that half of the guests I accompany are more qualified than me!

    I had better get booked up with the buy Berridge Sharp-Just not sure I can find 3 deer to shoot at the moment!

    Regs Lee

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    Cant see any negative apart from the initial feel of an empty pocket..

    Got to be a benefit in the future to be able to offer assistance with portfolios if you go the AW route

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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