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Thread: Dogs eating own Feces

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    Dogs eating own Feces

    I know this has been raised before but here is my situation.

    My two border terriers are 8 now and given the chance they will eat their own feaces sometimes almost immediatelly.
    They have accsess to the garden through a flap so go in and out at will.

    They are fed 50grams burns chicken and rice 0730 and same again at 1630.They are walked 3 times a day usually but never less than twice in all weathers.They get no other food and only the occasional dog treat.They are not over weight and vet says they are in good health and condition.Just paid almost 600 quid to have their teeth cleaned.

    Tried all the usuall ,pineapple corgette,carrot but nothing appears to work.
    When they are away with us at our caravan when outside they are always on the lead so do not have a chance to do this ,but when they get home its like they cant wait to s..t and eat it.
    It does not bother me so much but it is driving my wife mad .
    If we are not straight out there to pick it up its gone.
    I have read about additives that can be put in their food.
    Does anyone know anything about them or have any other helping ideas.



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    Since feeding my dog a RAW diet this has stopped completely! There has been the odd occasion I have forgotten to defrost something and fed her kibble which I keep for emergencies, literally the next sh#t she has she will eat it. If you are not into feeding them RAW take a look at Dorwest Herbs they literally have something for every dog related problem!

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    I have a 12 month old Lab puppy that given a chance will eat hers, she knows it's wrong so if she's hollered at she leaves it, BUT if she can she will. Mate of mine runs a kennels and trains Labs, one of his guests in the kennels had to have a daily tablet to stop her doing it, not sure if its for life or just until she stops, its called M&C Stool Repel-UM.

    Having read up on it, it would appear that modern dog food is so good you can eat it twice!



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    My lab used to do that when she was younger but is not so keen now. She does relish horse sh*t and being in a field where sheep have been is like a sweet shop for her.

    She he also delights in rolling and covering her neck in fox sh*t but doesn't eat that. She know she shouldn't do any of this but will if she can get away with it. She only ever has complete dog food kibble.

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    my two love to rub fox s--t over themselves but I think all dogs do.As suggested this may be the food we feed them on and mine are only fed on dried food.I am reluctant to change their diet now after so long.
    Any of the Vets on the forum have any views on the mentioned addatives to help stop this.Does it work and is it safe ?

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