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Thread: Custom 22-250

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    Custom 22-250

    Remington 22-250 by Riflecraft ( LSR1) bedded action on fibre stock with Timney trigger.
    Rifle and 30 mm rings only £650 to your RFD it can be test fired in Suffolk or Essex.
    Scope and mod can be bought as well as Dies & Brass only with rifle.
    cheers Steve

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    Hi has it had much through it? How much for the whole set up?

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    I've had the rifle about five years and I doubt if I've put 200 through it as it's only used for foxing.
    so far this year I've shot 4 foxes and 1 Muntie with it.
    The scope is a Hawke 3-9x42, moderator is a Reflex T8 compact,the dies are Redding deluxe full set.
    probably got about 50 live rounds and brass as well.
    £900 for the lot F2F.

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