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Thread: Case cleaning with brake cleaner

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    Case cleaning with brake cleaner

    I had a case tumbler on long term loan from a friend and it recently went back. Having Yorkshire blood I wasn't in any hurry to part with 50+ for my own. The thought occurred to me to give them a spray with brake cleaner and roll them on a clean rag. Obviously it does nothing to the inside of the case but it cleans the resizing grease and the carbon off the outside completely!

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    is it chlorinated or non chlorinated?

    Any degreaser will work but I would still thoroughly wash them in hot water afterwards and then dry
    I wouldn't want any Acetone, Toluene or Methanol residue left on there when I was loading powder and or pulling the trigger

    get yourself a Ultrasonic cleaner (20)
    and use any liquid degreaser. (dish tabs, swarfega, lemon juice, citric acid etc etc!)

    saves you doing each case by hand and the US action shifts the primer pocket and internal baked on residue to

    then just rinse and dry
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