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Thread: Stalking Book Collection

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    Stalking Book Collection

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering what books people have and what they would recommend to the rest of us, doesnt just have to be directly stalking books, maybe just deer. My collection is...

    R Prior-Watching Deer-great intro to species and areas to observe.
    R Prior-Roe deer, Mangement and Stalking-Must have for roe stalkers.
    R Prior-Humble Pie-nice collection of stories and good info.
    G K Whitehead-Half a Century of Scottish Stalking-specific info on decades of highland stalking, records etc.
    G K Whitehead-Practical Guide to Deer Stalking-again a must have for all stalkers IMHO.
    P Carne-Woodland Stalking-another great book-loads of info on measuring and good general info.
    G Dowling-Stalking Handbook-great for new stalkers.

    Good to hear the thoughts of others.


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    I'd add Working with Nature by Ronnie Rose. Love it, what a gentleman.

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    Hi Drew,
    I was just about to add Ronnie Rose's book. Also 'Highland Year' by L. MacNally and 'The Future For Woodland Deer' by Roger McKinley.

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    Wild Deer by A J De Nahlik

    Also a good read is "Reflections of a Countryman" by Fred J Taylor

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    'the perfect shot' by kevin robertson (safari press inc )
    all about african game includes anatomy of each species ,calibres,the hunt the shot trophy prep on each and every species well worth a read

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    'Whitehead Encyclopaedia of Deer' - an incredible source of information, what a pity it's out of print. I know you can get it on CD-ROM but it's not the same.

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    I agree with most or all of the books,

    have a soft spot for Mr Rose as having met the man and shot my first deer under the supervision of his son it means something more.

    i also have stalked or spent holidays in aberfoyle and the trossachs the pages come alive with mental visions of where he might have been

    graham downing has similar experience and will no doubt be a renown author an the subject of stalking,

    Mr Prior, he is the roe man .

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    The Perfect Shot

    If you enjoyed Kevin Robertson's "Perfect Shot" book, then have a look round for his DVD. It's very interesting.

    I've got a copy if anyone wants to borrow it.

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    Re: The Perfect Shot

    Quote Originally Posted by sp4rkman
    If you enjoyed Kevin Robertson's "Perfect Shot" book, then have a look round for his DVD. It's very interesting.

    I've got a copy if anyone wants to borrow it.
    i am interested please
    where are abouts are you and can you copy it?

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    I also quite like Dominic Griffith's book Deer Management.

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