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Thread: What scope for driven boar

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    What scope for driven boar

    Having purchased a 30-06 with the intention of using it for driven boar as well as for the larger deer species.
    I am now stuck on what scope to mount on it. I dont want to have to buy two scopes for diffent situations.
    Is a 2.5-10 magnifiction ok or would a 1.5-6 be better. I may be taking reds out to 250 yards so would prefer to have a bit of magification.
    I am really interested to find out what scopes people use for driven boar.



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    Either 2.5-10 or 1.5-6 will do just have it on low magnification for driven game.

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    i went with 1.1-4x24 for driven and 2.5-10x56 for stalking, it was not so much a magnification issue but more the balance of rifle and field of view with the smaller scope.
    Both scopes are ok for both jobs but would stick with the bigger if i had to choose just one.

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    I use a opti- mate red dot sigh on quick release mounts for all my driven boar shooting as a long range shot will 75- 100 meters and i have it zeroed at 50 meters were most shots are taken


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    I use Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 for driven boar, the wider field of view on this is impressive compared to my older Swarovski PV-i 3-12x50 which i transfer for normal stalking
    It's a Blaser i use so both scopes on quick release mounts are zeroed for my .308 barrel.
    I also like illumination, i think it helps focus your attention on quick reaction shots.


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    Low power needs to be as low as 1.5 if possible so you get the widest field of view. The illuminated red dot is really useful.

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    It’s been cover, but I use a 1.5-6x42 to cover both boar and stalking, much like what you are asking, if you can afford two scopes for each job with quick release mounts.
    The only thing if you go for one scope, when you wind down the magnification you will see the barrel and it can take some getting used to.


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    Hi All

    Im new so cant advertise in clasified yet but if anyone is interested in a top of the range zeiss wild boar scope i have for sale the very best and latest design Zeiss Victory with Loutec coating Varipoint 1,1-4x24 Illuminated single dot Reticule 30mm scope, they are brand new never used never been in a set of rings yet i bought them to shoot wild boar last year but it never materialised and i never ended up going they cost 1100.00 i will accept offers over 600. they are an absolute bargin and apparently these are the best arround for driven game.

    Regards Deer Stalker
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    Hi Deer Stalker,

    Have you still got the Zeiss for sale?

    If so could you send me some pics?

    All the best.......

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    I have the Swaro' 2-12 with illuminated ret. Works really well on driven with the dot on and easy out to 250yds with the fine ret' with the dot on real low just to define the crosshairs. A wee bit pricey but you know what they say 'buy well cry once, buy cheap cry twice and end up with what you should have bought'. I had a look through the 1-6 and it is on my want/need list, but I would not kick the 2-12 out of the gun cabinet to get it. Now, if I could have both with Apel swing off mounts then I would probably never need another scope.
    The I.O.R scopes look a little more utilitarian but have good reputations and shave a few quid off the shiney euro scopes.

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