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Thread: Last two roebucks from the evening

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    Interesting to see others at work!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Regards, L

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    about time they allowed sound moderators in Denmark.nice shots though

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    Yes Hogey. have been waiting for this a long time. Love to come to UK and shot with the moderators. Haven┤t got my first moderator yet but it is ordred and will be put on my rifle next month.

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    come to Northumberland or the borders, some great stalking with friendly people .let me know if you want some contacts

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    You could have let him finish pee...
    Nice shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogey View Post
    about time they allowed sound moderators in Denmark.nice shots though
    only if applied for with special permission, don't believe the rules have been properly relaxed yet IMHO.

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    good shooting and nice surroundings ,atb doug,

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    Interesting to see how its done abroad.As for moderators ,yes they are useful where noise nuisance or large numbers are involved such as culling.Personally, I wouldn't use one unless in one above scenarios.Weight ,balance etc all are affected negatively by their addition.Do you really need one in the wide open spaces of Scandanavia?

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