I have decided to sell the Yukon Photon as well now. Having a bit of a change around in the scopes and rifles so this one is going as well.

It has been absolutely spot on bit of kit. shooting many many a fox and rabbit with it. they just didn't know I was there. shame its to go but needs must. shooting 4 or 5 rabbits that were next to each other and not moving when the mate fall over.

used it on the air gun, 22lr, 222 and the 243 with no problems at all. takes a little setting up but once done it worked spot on.

Comes ready to go with the Marky adaptor. Yukon 2x convertor and coaster ring. so add your AA batteries and go shooting the rats and rabbits. Add a T20ir and shooting fox out to 150yards but seeing a lot further. i just don't like pushing over 150 at night.

the front flip up had the smaller hole that gives you more depth of field when shooting even though i never bothered with it once i was use to it.

This has had all the mods done to it so your ready to go.

First offer of 425 plus either collection or pay the postage, gets it.

Im in Gloucestershire

All the best