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Thread: Big Red Key....

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    Big Red Key....

    It is way past due that certain people get a visit from the Big Red Key and not for a small bag of weed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    as in his avtar....................way to many beers me thinks,

    RD what you on man.

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    cup of tea here if you need it r/d,methinks theres trouble at,mill
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    You know non stick frying pans?what do they stick the non stick on stuff with,in the factory,

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    that stuff that sticks non stick stuff of course

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    OK... David Cameron on the news saying Britain has an estimated 500 Jihadis fighting abroad in Syria and Iraq now an innocent reporter has been beheaded by a Midlands twit.. Time to get heavy??

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    Its the thing that police open your door with at 6am...

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