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Thread: Jack of all trades?

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    Jack of all trades?

    I've been given the green light for a pup.
    im now in a nice stable job, with no trips away (unlike before), this will be my first working dog (we have a family boxer that we got at 2 yrs)
    I intend to train (with pro help hopefully) the dog as a gundog. I'm into rough shooting, and hopefully one day use it as a deer dog too.

    i understand that no one dog can be all things, but are there any that do 'dual purpose' ?

    my choice is between a ESS or a Lab.

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    Just remember. Labs are born half trained. Spaniels die half trained.
    Regards Sean

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean View Post
    Just remember. Labs are born half trained. Spaniels die half trained.
    Regards Sean
    An HPR every time (specifically Large Munsterlanders). Retrieve as well as any lab, flush (after a fantastic point) better than a spaniel!

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    [QUOTE=sean;835438]Just remember. Labs are born half trained. Spaniels die half trained.
    Regards Sean[/
    ive heard that statement of quite a few spaniel owners, me thinks it's an excuse for unruly dog that's not been trained to a good standard!

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    Get a well bred lab and you won't go wrong.

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    Train it for deer before bird! I can't get my ESP to track though....too mad!!!

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    Cheers for the input guys, everywhere I read an article they all seem to agree on the well bred field lab being the wiser choice for the first timer.

    time to start searching.

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    GWP perfect for rough shooting and tracking

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    Any of the HPR breeds will cover everything. My breed of choice is the Weimaraner my last one did rough shooting, beating, wildfowling, stalking & tracking her only real fault was being hard mouthed which was not much of a problem retrieving geese, foxes & holding onto the occasional deer but not pheasant or small game. However this is a headstrong & demanding breed probably not for the novice or someone who can't commit the time.

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    Its good you recognise that there is no breed out there that will absolutely excell in all aspects you require it to work in. That way you won't be disappointed when for an example, a dog bred for hunting that won't track proves the point and therefore won't be too much of a surprise to you. Yes, some spaniels are good on deer but I would suggest more by chance than design.

    Even a jack of all trades lab, of which I've had several, may find easily recovered deer but won't necessarily track a wounded beast after 24hrs over several kilometres.

    That said, starting with the right foundation makes things more likely to succeed. For that reason I would try and source a lab from parents who are proven to have the ability to actually follow a track. Not just run about looking for a dead animal.

    Or a GWP but again one that's from lines that track. A GWP is a differerent beast to a lab though and ones temperement may suit you as an individual better than the other.

    This is a gross generalisation and there are always exceptions to the rule...
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