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Thread: scrap leather

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    scrap leather

    here tozzy you cant post on pm,s so here they are ,crude but useable out of an old scrap cartridge bag,im now going to do my own sheave when i build my own knife+handle,Attachment 46036Attachment 46037 but out of new leather,with more care,and time,atb doug
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    you cruel buggers thats for my arm stump!!anyway your wrong its a flipperlike this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    you cruel buggers thats for my arm stump!!

    ERECT stump ? Keep, taking the blue tablets.....


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    Title of this thread seems more appropriate...

    Vacum packer


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    Can't wait to see the knife build !!!.D.

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    good try m8,practice makes it easier ,i buy off cuts from evilbay.mine are well crude compared to dougsters quality stuff but il keep trying till i sow 1 to my fingers.get searching amazon n ebay u can buy knife blanks and with a bench/knife grinder experiment on the shapes and with a set of diamond files pattern the top of the blades

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    If you need good leather offcuts, try this lady :-

    She makes leather motorbike suits, so it is decent quality, but not bridle leather strength... She does a fair sized bag for a reasonable price.

    All the best.


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    you try threading a needle with your teeth , oh i f,got you cant all yours are placcy,!not you neil the other reprobates
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